By: Donny Diaz

I’ve tried nearly every method of training under the sun to achieve countless goals, whether it be hypertrophy, sports performance, general prepared physicalness, to live a healthy lifestyle, and of course in my younger years, to impress the ladies 😉.  I’ve been a trainer and coach for the last 8 years officially and unofficially for family/friends for 15 years before that (yes, I’m old). So, when Alex called me to start this 104010 journey, we were adamant that in order for this to work, our ideologies regarding fitness and programming had to match…and they certainly did. 

The purpose of our program is to align your mind and body while increasing mental and physical capacities no matter the gender, age, shape, or size. The goal is to have a balance in all areas of fitness with safety as our number one priority. We want you to have the speed/explosiveness to sprint to safety, yet run a half marathon…the strength to lift an extremely heavy object several times, yet have the muscular endurance to lift a medium-lightweight object 20 plus times…to be mobile with great movement patterns that mirror everyday life for longevity…to have the mental and emotional stability to handle life’s trials and tribulations.

Point being, it’s important to be good at everything, but you don’t have to be the best at anything. 

Here’s a simple overview of our focus when we program:


Cardio is a contributor to fat loss, but it’s not always one of the most important factors in the equation. This is in our program daily and is best when combined with strength or muscular endurance movements. Cardio trains different energy pathways. Think anything from 20-second sprint intervals on the bike to longer pieces of cardio like a 10k meter row. All things we do. 


As you get older, you lose that brain-muscle connection and the first thing to go is your balance/coordination. Working to improve your front, back, and side to side balance will help you in the long run. No matter your level of balance or coordination, this can always improve with consistency. We work on this with isolated movements like single-leg elevated split squats, overhead KB holds, single-arm suitcase carries.  


The goal is to have a full range of motion so you can continue to have the ability to do things for yourself. As you improve your mobility, you will feel more flexible and capable.  I don’t know about you, but when I’m 80 years old, I want to be able to sit on the toilet without someone assisting me!


Fat is the killer. The higher percentage of body fat you have, the more likely you are to develop obesity-related diseases, including heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, and type 2 diabetes. Building muscle will keep you healthy. The stronger you get, the more muscle you build. The more muscle you build, the more fat you burn. This is the reason we program 3-4 strength days per week.

Mental Fortitude:

Mental fortitude is a necessary element of success and survival. It is defined as “The ability to focus on and execute solutions when in the face of uncertainty or adversity. If we break under pressure, if we lose patience with the process we’re being challenged with, it can easily drive us to quit prematurely.”

Combine all of the modalities above on a consistent level and the bottom line is, your mental toughness and emotional stability improves. 

So, the next time you’re in class wondering, “Why are we doing this today and how is it benefiting me?”, ask me or come back to this. I can assure you we don’t just throw s#!t against the wall and see what sticks 😊. It’s all very deliberate and well thought out.