Brock Shiffer

Chief Inspirational Officer

Brock Shiffer

Chief Inspirational Officer


Husband, Father, Fighter. I’m a 9/11 patriot. Joined the Navy days after. Thoroughly enjoyed my time in the military. It brought structure, pride and a sense of family my life was missing at that point.

Unfortunately, due to a car accident that left me with a T-12 spinal cord injury, my time in the service was cut short.

It would have been easy to quit at that point but the military made a warrior out of me….and warriors don’t quit.

A couple of years later I started coaching football which gave me both an opportunity to be a part of a family again and a chance to inspire young men to push through when things weren’t going their way.

In 2016 I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. Another blow. But once again not a knockout blow.

With support from my family and friends, we figured out a regimen to allow me to keep living an active life. Cut to the present.

I just got out of the VA after a 6-month stay. I’m 130lbs, physically weak. I’ve got a hard road ahead but it’s a road ahead indeed.

I look forward to working with 10⬝40⬝10 and hope my story and my continued journey will inspire others.

“A thousand-mile journey begins with but one step.”