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10:40:10 = 10 minutes of mind and muscle activation, 40 minutes of strength and stamina building, 10 minutes of decompression and breathing.

Give us 1 hour of your day and we believe the other 23 will be more manageable no matter what obstacles lie ahead. With the expertise of Marcus Filly and Revival Strength programming, no 2 workouts are ever the same. Our training methodology is inclusive of ALL exercise avenues with an emphasis on training safe and smart.

Consistently come to class and you will reach optimal health, which ranges from having more energy, to mental fortitude, to losing fat, to becoming fit, to participating in sport, to conquering disease.

Our elite team of coaches will push the boundaries of your comfort zone while being cautiously aware of your unique skill set. Various music playlists will ensure a fun and energetic environment that will force you to feel enthused and feed off of the person next to you.

The vibe screams patriotism with uplifting quotes on our walls and the names of decorated soldiers and first responders on our barbells. Not only will you be inspired and humbled, but you will realize that at 104010 Fitness is so much more than “just a workout”.

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