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Cleanest Gym In America

Our mission at 104010 is to get you in the best shape of your life, physically and mentally. That said, COVID-19 is a direct threat to the goals we’re reaching for. Within our walls, we have something very special, authentic, and positive during these uncertain times. We are the cleanest gym in America because we are vigilant and proactive. At 104010, the community is responsibility for taking pride in our member safety and space cleanliness. On a daily basis, we come together as a team and stay committed to our updated procedures! REMEMBER, if you don’t feel good stay home!

  • Clean Air System by Big Ass Fans that kills 99.9% of airborne pathogens.
  • Mandatory spare pair of shoes to wear in the gym .
  • Sanitize hands when coming in and out of the gym.
  • No sharing of equipment..
  • Fans run on low (at minimum) at all times during classes.
  • No high fives, fist bumps, hugs, etc…no physical contact.
  • Floors will continue to be mopped immediately after EVERY class along with disinfectant sprayed on equipment.



Group Conditioning

10:40:10 = 10 minutes of mind and muscle activation, 40 minutes of strength and stamina building, 10 minutes of decompression and breathing.

We don’t care about your 1 rep max. Our intelligent training is safe no matter what your level of fitness is. No 2 workouts are ever the same. Our training methodology is inclusive of ALL exercise avenues with an emphasis on training safe and smart. When asked what kind of fitness we do, “We are not anything, but we are everything.”

Not only will you be inspired and humbled, but you will realize that at 104010 Fitness is so much more than “just a workout”.



10.40.10 PREP

104010 was created to improve communities using fitness as the backbone of it all. We’ve now created 104010 PREP to teach our future leaders to Train American, specifically middle school and high school levels. Not only will we build physical and mental strength, but instill the values which we live by at 104010: Discipline, Integrity, Accountability, Fortitude, Camaraderie.

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Battle Bars

Battle Bars created a product that caters to those who accept nothing less than victory, whether it be on the battlefield, in the gym, or in their daily lives. Hand-crafted ingredients with an incredible taste, texture, and no artificial sweeteners. Battle Bars will help you build muscle and maintain energy, keeping you at optimal performance during even the biggest challenges. Snack American. Snack on Battle Bars



InBody Scan

Scales only list your weight while missing important factors. The machine arms us with the data we need to reach our ideal fitness goals. We invested in this to make you the ultimate American and scanning regularly will help you become a smarter athlete! Click here for more details!



Optimize your performance and recovery with the only 24/7 wearable technology that measures the everyday stressors inside and outside of work and training. Using daily analytics from sleep, workouts, and everyday habits to help you better physical and mental fortitude.

Our goal is to have every member of our community own a WHOOP so we can thoroughly analyze progression and put you in the best position to Train American.

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Trifecta Meals

Train American means fueling your body with real food, real ingredients. Trifecta provides vacuum sealed, organic, balanced meals catered to your liking and delivered directly to your doorstep. Trifecta helps you save time, money, and keeps you consistent. We can’t stress this enough: if you combine clean eating with 104010 training, we can guarantee the achievement of your fitness goals.


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