Beyond The Barbell: Mark Dahlem


Beyond The Barbell: Mark Dahlem

At 104010, our barbells bear the names of selfless courageous men and women who served our country as veterans and our communities as first responders. They’re not just names on our barbells…they’re our heroes.

Mark Dahlem’s Barbell at 104010 Fitness.

The late Mark Dahlem of the Palatine Police Department was known as a cop’s cop. As a man, husband, father and friend fighting brain cancer, he was known as a fighter with a powerful spirit. In 2017, when doctors diagnosed him with brain cancer, Dahlem was the first one to calm the worries of his loved ones. “He knew it was going to be one heck of a journey,” said Palatine Police Chief Alan Stoeckel. “He didn’t want people to worry about him.”  

Mark died at the young age of 48. His 23 years as a police officer left a deep impression on the community.  “Mark represented all that is good and honorable in the law enforcement profession,” Stoeckel said.  He left behind a wife, Kimberly; two children, Abigail and Jack; a brother, Paul; and a mother, Janet Beguin. Dahlem served from 1995 to 2019. During that time, he held a number of jobs inside the department: patrol officer, field training officer, juvenile officer, Fremd High School liaison and crime scene technician.

It’s clear that Mark was highly respected by his peers and those he served in the community. Both officers and supervisors knew they could depend on him.  He served as a friend and informal leader to many, which is a rarity in law enforcement.