9/11 – Never Forget


9/11 – Never Forget

104010 Fitness – Group Fitness

It was Tuesday 911
When the devil came ashore
To attack the American people
And call it a holy war.

Many thousands were injured;
Many thousands are gone;
Many heroes among them
Whose courage was strong.

Is now our world
And with burned heroes flesh,
Our flag is unfurled.

And as we in America cried
Tears red. white, and blue
From the hurt and the pain,
It seemed the world cried, too.

So as we unite
Our hearts and our hands;
Together in one,
Our nation stands.

As tears stream down
From all of our eyes;
We look to the sky,
The American Flag
Still flies.


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10: Prep

Warm-up (No Measure)

– 1 min bike or row

– 20 mountain climbers

x 2 rounds…and then…

– 4 spiderman lunges (bigger than lizard lunges)

– 4 diving push ups

– 4 cossack squats each side

– 4 diving push ups


40: Work