104010 PREP

104010 PREP

104010 was created to improve communities using fitness as the backbone of it all. We’ve now created 104010 PREP to teach our future leaders to Train American, specifically middle school and high school levels. Not only will we build physical and mental strength, but instill the values which we live by at 104010: Discipline, Integrity, Accountability, Fortitude, Camaraderie.

There are limited slots available and want your kids to have first crack at 104010 PREP. We’re taking the first twelve 5th-8th graders and the first twelve high schoolers.

Programming: Same rules apply. We train smart and safe for you and it’s no different for your kids. Programming will be introductory to our daily movements, but scaled for functionality. We teach respect of elders, support of our neighbor, and love for ourselves and our country.

Coaches: Alex and Donny

Membership: $99 Unlimited

Class Days/Times:
Tuesday & Thursday: 6.45p (5th – 8th) AND 8.00p (High School)
Saturday & Sunday: 12.15p (5th – 8th) AND 1.30p (High School)

Our elite team of coaches will push the boundaries of your comfort zone while being cautiously aware of your unique skill set. Various music playlists will ensure a fun and energetic environment that will force you to feel enthused and feed off of the person next to you.

The vibe screams patriotism with uplifting quotes on our walls and the names of decorated soldiers and first responders on our barbells. Not only will you be inspired and humbled, but you will realize that at 104010 Fitness is so much more than “just a workout”.

As parents of 2 young kids ourselves, Alex and I can’t wait to introduce the Train American way of life to your family!

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